Why Choose An Oven&bbqcleaning Franchise


• Oven&bbqcleaning is an easily maintained 5 days a week, generally business hours operation.
Run your own business, with a good income and still have time for family, friends & hobbies.

• As an Oven&bbqcleaning franchisee you will experience tremendous job satisfaction as you see the results you achieve on your customer’s cooking appliances. –Your customers will love the work you do and you’ll love their complements (see our testimonials page on our website!)

• If there is a Regional Franchisee in place monthly franchise meetings ensure that you’ll feel part of a friendly, supportive team, and that your ideas and achievements are recognised.

No Need to be an Expert

• Everything you need to get started is included- comprehensive training, registered business name, marketing launch, cleaning solutions & all equipment needed to operate your business.

• Thorough on the job training including cleaning methods, handling enquiries and sales/marketing techniques and administration.

• To allow you to get settled into your work, the enquiries and bookings will be handled  Head Office for your first 4 weeks.