Our Oven Cleaning Companies FAQ

Who are Oven&bbqcleaning?

  • Formerly Ovenclean, we have been successfully operating throughout Australia since 2005. We are based in Perth with franchisees around the country

Why should I use Oven&bbqcleaning?

  • Our unique cleaning system is environmentally friendly, 100% caustic and solvent free. This means our customers benefit from a safe working environment and a fume-free home. Furthermore, this means ovens and appliances are completely safe to use just as soon as we've finished!We aim to complete work with minimal disturbance to family and home. The professionalism and quality of our service, coupled with our environmentally friendly cleaning system all contribute to the convenience offered to our customers. We can provide an Oven&bbqcleaning service that is completed to the highest standards by a skilled specialist in just a couple of hours, whilst maintaining a completely fume-free environment that facilitates completely safe use of all cleaned appliances once finished!Oven&bbqcleaning customers are often overwhelmed by the quality of the service that they are provided by Oven&bbqcleaning. Our goal is to complete every job to the very highest standard.


What products do Oven&bbqcleaning use?

  • Our franchisees clean ovens to near showroom condition within a matter of hours using a unique environmentally friendly and caustic-free range of Oven&bbqcleaning solutions.Non-toxic oven cleaning products are seldom found on supermarket shelves; so achieving this level of clean on your own can be an arduous task. The Oven&bbqcleaning service is second to none, leaving pristine appliances with no mess, no fuss and no bother!


What do Oven&bbqcleaning representatives do that I can’t do myself?

  • Our expertise stretches far beyond just cleaning ovens. We also clean: gas tops, electric tops and ceramic tops, extractor fans, filters and range hoods, microwave and combi-microwave ovens, barbecues and grills. We also clean freestanding ovens and ranges.


Can Oven&bbqcleaning clean ‘self cleaning’ ovens?

  • Yes, Oven&bbqcleaning representatives are fully trained to clean self-cleaning ovens and the range of Oven&bbqcleaning products are specifically designed to cope with most oven types.Self-cleaning ovens comprise of self-clean interiors and/or liners, designed to burn off debris left behind from cooking. However, many do not reach the high temperature needed to produce the required result. Many Oven&bbqcleaning customers express how difficult it can be to attempt cleaning such ovens themselves, as these liners 'hide' the majority of grease and fat build-up. Your local Oven&bbqcleaning representative will be able to remove all fat, grease and carbon deposits that could otherwise have posed a fire risk; particularly around the main heating element.


What training do your representatives have?

  • You can be assured that Oven&bbqcleaning representatives offer the highest standard in oven cleaning. Your appliances are in safe hands, as all representatives have been trained in cleaning all types of ovens, cook tops, range hoods, extractor fans microwaves, combi-microwaves and BBQ’s. All our representatives go through a thorough training program into how to run a business and all attend a First Aid training course.


Do your representatives carry spares?

  • Yes. Oven&bbqcleaning representatives carry stock of replacement globes, some seals and a range of extractor filters. If you require additional or specialist spares, let your local representative know in advance we can order the part for you, or recommend a reputable supplier.


Do your oven cleaning companies representatives have insurance?

  • All Oven&bbqcleaning representatives carry a comprehensive Public Liability insurance valued at $10,000,000 for your piece of mind.


How often do I need to get my oven professionally cleaned?

  • How often our customers need their appliances cleaned depends on what you cook and how often you use them. Regular use of the oven for traditionally prepared meals can require a quarterly or bi-annual deep clean, to avoid the buildup of fat, grease and carbon deposits that could pose a potential fire hazard. For customers who rarely use their oven, or use it primarily for ready meals, we would recommend an annual 'spring clean' to revive the working components of your oven.


What is the difference between oven cleaning services and oven detailing?

  • Nothing really, some Oven cleaning companies would like you to believe that they do that bit extra and charge you a lot more for a service that other reputable oven cleaning companies would do as a matter of course.


Oven&bbqcleaning we do the best job of any of the oven cleaning companies!

How do I make an appointment?

  • Just call 0488 222 147 – the call will go to your nearest oven cleaning representative